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It’s not easy to find your way around a new country while settling into the demanding routine of university life. Things get even more complicated when most of the information is in a language you don’t understand.

To help you figure out your way around town, Delta started a series called Survival Guide in 2012 which can normally be found in this space. In every issue, the series explores topics ranging from getting around campus and the city to where you can shop for ethnic food.

All of the articles previously covered are available in an easy-to-access manner on the Delta website. Below is a rough guide to the different categories of articles, so you can scroll through for whatever information you need, whenever you need it.

Life Skills

Forgot to buy a copy of Dutch For Dummies? Don’t worry. For a quick guide to words such as Thank You and Good Bye, you can read our March guide Surviving Dutch. If you’d like to jump right into learning Dutch, scroll to the guide called Survive Learning Dutch where we explore the different Dutch lessons available in Delft. We also have a guide to afterhours emergency services (such as getting locked out at midnight), one with tips for bike maintenance, one for the rare day when it snows and, among others, one that tells you where you can get the news in English.

Getting Around

Not just getting around, but where to go when you get there. Learn about the Dutch transport system as well as tourism passes and discounts. We definitely recommend the article on places where you can access free WiFi in the city centre. You’ll catch Delta writers at nearly all of them. We have mini-guides to nearby libraries, one for theatres and another for museums. For those of you who love quizzing, we’ve even got a list of local pubs that host pub quizzes – in English!

Foodie Central

Already missing home-cooked food and can’t adjust to eating bread all the time? Try the Surviving Food Shopping guide. Here you can find directions to the nearest place with a range of international ingredients, including dried seaweed cake (The Amazing Oriental) or to the ones stocked with Indian masalas (Bahaar) or Turkish delights (Erciyes Slagerij). For coffee connoisseurs, one of our most recent guides explores places in town to get the perfect beans, whether it’s a single estate dark roast or a dark blend. If you’re awake and hungry at midnight, check out Surviving Late Night Shopping where we bring you a list of places open after midnight.

Things To Do

Don’t be fooled by its fairy tale look. Delft is actually a very happening town and the city centre has plenty going on all year round. Music festivals range from the Jazz Festival (August), the Blues Festival (February) to the two-day pop festival Westerpop (August). Besides music, there are theatre festivals such as the Fringe Festival, a film festival called Festiberico and special events such as Open Monument Day and Museum Night. You can read more about them in Surviving Events in Delft.

The city also has a number of networking events hosted by expat groups such as Delftians, which are great places to meet new people. You can also read about local holidays and the events around them. And, of course, we have a special on Surviving Queen’s Day – though it’s called King’s Day now. 

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