Survivalrun on campus

Survivalrun on campus



Miles of climbing and scrambling on campus. This weekend the TU Delft grounds were the setting for SurvivalStrijd, the annual survival run organized by members of the student outdoor sports association Slopend


(Photo: Katja Wijnands)

During the survival run, hundreds of participants completed a course of obstacles as quickly as possible. The obstacles varied from rope climbing to archery along a route through ditches and over forest paths. 


Participants competed in five different categories: 6km individual, 6km group run, 9km individual, 9km recreational and the 9km for competitive runners. In the latter category, Thom van Cappellen crossed the finish line as the fastest man (00:55:17) and Bo de Groot (01:15:25) as the fastest woman (MvdV).


News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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