Survey: how welcoming is the Netherlands to internationals?

What do international TU Delft students and employees think of the debate on internationalisation. Do they still feel welcome at TU Delft?

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  • Delta would like to know how welcome you feel as an international student or employee. Will you fill in our survey? The questionnaire is available until 17:00 on 13 November.    

A reduction in English-taught courses and a maximum number of international students: these measures on the table in the Dutch House of Representatives put pressure on the position of internationals at Dutch universities. What do international students and staff experience about the debate on internationals? 

With other Dutch university magazines from the universities of Groningen, Utrecht, Wageningen, Enschede and Nijmegen, we are conducting a survey on how welcoming Dutch universities are to internationals. Do you still feel like they are glad to have you? Do people respond negatively to you as an international? Or are you perhaps even thinking about leaving the Netherlands? 

Completing the survey is fully anonymous and takes less than 10 minutes. We will use the outcomes of the questionnaire for our journalism in a way that will not be traceable to individuals. If you wish, you can leave your email address at the end so that, if necessary, we can contact you with follow-up questions. 

This survey was compiled by the editors of the Groningen UKrant in collaboration with international students.  

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