Students to pay over €2,200 in tuition fees in 2022

The promised 50 percent reduction in tuition fees is on its way, but afterwards the costs will shoot up again: students will pay €2,209 for the academic year 2022-2023.

The statutory tuition fee will increase by 41 euros in the academic year 2022-2023. (Photo: Portuguese Gravity / Unsplash)

Statutory tuition for the upcoming academic year would have been pegged at €2,168. But because the coronavirus crisis is dragging on longer than was expected, even after all this time, students are still having the lion’s share of their classes from behind a laptop. In mitigation, the government is gifting them one year of their study programme at a 50 percent fee reduction after the summer.

  • The statutory fee is not applicable to non-EU students as they pay the institutional fee. International students will pay € 13.416 (BSc) or € 17.666 (MSc) next academic year. This is a reduced fee, as every students receives a discount of EUR 1.084. The institutional fee for 2022-2023 has not been published yet.

Considerably higher
The hope is of course that the crisis will pass quickly and such a measure will not be needed ever again. In that case, tuition for the 2022-2023 academic year will be considerably higher: students will have to shell out €2,209, the government announced in the Government Gazette.

The additional €41 is a bigger increase than was announced last year (€25). But it’s less than the year before, when the fees for full-time students went up by €60.

Are these arbitrary amounts? Certainly not. Increases to statutory tuition fees are determined each year on the basis of the so-called consumer-price index issued by Statistics Netherlands. The consumer-price index indicates the average costs of goods and services, such as groceries, clothing, rent, petrol, insurance and hairdressers.

In April the prices were 1.9 percent higher than last year, according to Statistics Netherlands. Changes in the price of certain items like motor fuel, electricity, natural gas, clothing and shoes had “an upward effect” on inflation. If things continue at this rate, in twenty years or so students will be paying well over €3,000.

Incidentally, not everyone will be paying the same fee rate. First-year students had been granted a 50 percent reduction in statutory tuition even before the coronavirus crisis, as had second-year students in teacher training programmes. So in the coming academic year they will be paying 50 percent of 50 percent.

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