Students have jumped the vaccination queue

Students have jumped the vaccination queue


Dozens of young people who were nowhere near their turn for a corona vaccination have jumped the queue, confirms the Municipal Health Service. They pretended to have a medical indication and that was not checked.


According to the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant, this happened at vaccination sites in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Groningen and dozens of students tipped each other off via WhatsApp messages. The students quoted in the article say that they want to go on summer vacation ‘without any hassle’ or that they are taking over a spot from someone who does not want a shot.


Municipal Health Service director Sjaak de Gouw calls the practice indecent. On the radio he sais: “It is disrespectful to those who really have a medical indication and deserve priority. The vaccination locations will check more closely whether people really have a medical indication. For the sake of speed, this has not been done consistently up until now. (HOP, HC)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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