Student PhDs in Groningen insufficiently compensated for inflation

Student PhDs in Groningen insufficiently compensated for inflation



The scholarships of Groningen student PhDs will increase by 4% this year, even though inflation is much higher. The university is not abiding by the agreements, argues interest group PNN.


Generally, PhD students are employed as employees, but in recent years universities were allowed to ‘experiment’ with a system of student PhDs. They do not receive a salary, but a scholarship. The University of Groningen in particular jumped at this, with 1,500 such PhD positions.


The student PhDs are not covered by the collective labour agreement. Their terms state that their scholarship is adjusted every year according to inflation. Inflation is sky-high now, so scholarships should go up substantially. But that is not happening. The PhD students get the same amount as employees, namely 4%.


Anneke Kastelein, President of the Promovendi Netwerk Nederland, is angry about this. “Over the past few years, the university has repeatedly stated that this group is not comparable to employed PhDs, and now all of a sudden one line is being drawn.” (HOP, BB)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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