Student, how are you doing?

Student, how are you doing?

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How are students doing and what effect is the corona crisis having on their studies? This is what TU Delft board member Rob Mudde wants to hear from them during three Zoom sessions, as he organised earlier in March and April. The first session will take place on Friday 27 November. It is specifically for first-year bachelor students. First-year master students can sign up for a Zoom session on Friday 11 December. On Friday 15 January, there will be a final meeting, which is open to all students. All conversations are in groups and confidential. It concerns small groups. In the spring, a maximum of fifteen students were present per session. (SB)

  • You can register by sending an email to student communications, stating your name, email address, study programme, academic year and your preference for Dutch or English. 

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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