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Across the road from the Sports Centre, rocket scientist, Dr Vitaly Yemets, from the University of Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), has been testing a new highly reactive ox

”There has been no explosion, so it is a success,” he says. Yemets, who came to Delft for a couple of weeks to experiment with students of Dare (Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering) has high ambitions. He wants to develop a rocket that eats itself while going up. This rocket should partially consist of a mixture of polyethylene and an oxidizer, which serves as both a fuel and construction material. Such a so-called infinite-stage rocket doesn’t need to throw away empty fuel tanks nor carry extra weight.


Biotech town

TU, DSM and Science Port Holland jointly strive to continue Delft’s yeast legacy and turn the town into a biotechnology hotbed. Board member Paul Rullmann, DSM director Frank Teeuwisse and Professor Han de Winde presented their related plans to the press on Wednesday. They hope the triple formula of TU’s new housing for biotechnology, DSM’s bioprocess facility (BPF) and the new building for biotech starters at Technopolis will fire up biotech development in the region.


Professor Jan Schoormans (IDE) had special visitors last Wednesday. Two Russian delegates from technopark Skolkovo wanted to see how researchers steer innovation in the 25-year old Product Evaluation Lab. The visit is part of a two-day Skolkovo roadshow that brings ten delegates from Russia’s MIT (Moscow) in contact with Dutch companies and research institutes. Skolkovo offers over 200 million euros for partnering activities.

New Venture

Two enterprising women from Professor Leo Kouwenhoven’s quantum transport group (Applied Sciences) are featuring as finalists in the New Venture competition for the best new company idea. The finale takes place in Amsterdam on Thursday afternoon. Guenevere Prawiro Atmodjo (MSc) will present her nanotechnology tool called Nanotronics. Floor van de Pavert (MSc) will introduce her superconducting Single Quantum light detection device.

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