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This summer, kick back and focus on yourself. At the on-going Zomer Tent organised by TU Delft, employees are invited for over 40 different workshops on self improvement topics. The sessions take place in an informal atmosphere in a tent pitched on the Berlage Field.

“During the summer people have a little more time to relax and think about things. It’s the best time for them to reflect on their skills and take some workshops that might interest them,” says Jordi Kerkum, Project Leader, HR.

Part of the university’s initiative to encourage personal growth among employees, the sessions will be on until August 2 and are open to all employees, free of cost. “This time the event is three times bigger than last year. We already have over 500 attendees in 40 different activities,” adds Kerkum.

Most of people conducting the workshops are comfortable switching between Dutch and English, and international employees are welcome to sign up. Most sessions have space for 20 people, but the most popular one, Hassle Management, seated 40.

“About two thirds of the workshops are being conducted by TU Delft employees who are sharing a trick or philosophy they believe in,” says Kerkum. Online Education, one of the more popular sessions of the Zomer Tent, is being conducted by Willem van Valkenburg, the head of TU’s education technology. Other interesting sessions include ‘Make the most of your Facebook page’, ‘How to work with Lync’, ‘Personal Branding’ and ‘The World Outside TU’. There is also a session dedicated to CV-spot checks and career discussions.

“A lot of people stay on with the university for years. While that is a great thing, we also think it is healthy for everyone to take some time to see what’s going on outside and where they stand,” says Kerkum.

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