Scientist Rebellion helped block A12 in The Hague

Scientist Rebellion helped block A12 in The Hague



81 Scientists from Scientist Rebellion, together with Extiction Rebellion, occupied the A12 in The Hague on Saturday 11 March in action against the annual billion-dollar subsidies to the fossil industry. Dressed in white lab coats, the scientists were among the climate activists who stayed on the road until a water cannon was turned on them. In a press release, Scientist Rebellion reported that more than 37 scientists were subsequently arrested. 


(Photo: Scientist Rebellion)


“To secure a viable future, we need to switch to crisis mode,” Radboud University microbiologist Marjan Smeulders said in the press release. “Scientists have written articles and reports, sent letters, signed petitions and walked marches to make this clear to politicians. But they are still not treating the climate crisis as the existential threat it is. That is why we have joined the protest of Extinction Rebellion.” (SB)


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Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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