Saxion wants ‘personal conversation’ with lecturer over hate tweets

Saxion wants ‘personal conversation’ with lecturer over hate tweets



Saxion University of Applied Sciences is also very shocked by the anonymous hate messages sent by its lecturer Jasper Rekers in Covid19 time. The latter withdrew as a BBB MP candidate on Wednesday. 


Press agency ANP revealed (in Dutch) on Tuesday that Rekers intimidated and insulted politicians via his anonymous Twitter account Verzet op Links for two years. 


Through the account, he wished then corona minister Hugo de Jonge a single ticket to the Nazi tribunal in Nuremberg. He called prime minister Mark Rutte an “NSB’er” and compared Flemish virologist Marc van Ranst to Nazi minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels. According to Rekers, D66 was a Nazi party. 



When the news got out, he decided not to run in the elections. The BBB’er was in position 13 of the candidate list. But Rekers is also a lecturer in digital intelligence & business at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Who reacted (in Dutch) shocked. “We strongly disapprove of these statements, a job as a lecturer means you have an exemplary role. A personal conversation between him and his supervisor will take place shortly.” 


In an interview (in Dutch) with news platform SaxNow, Rekers said earlier that no one could tell from his lessons that he was a BBB’er. (HOP, PvT)


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