Sabering champagne in honour of Yes!Delft Students’ 10 year anniversary

From blue body paint to successful businesses. They all came together in 10 years of Yes!Delft Students. The incubator is celebrating this week.

Wouter Robers undertakes a world record attempt to sabotage champagne. (Photos: Yes! Delft)

“When Yes!Delft Students was just opened and we needed to promote it, three people walked around the campus painted from head to toe in blue body paint,” says Chair Sophie Slot. Since then the organisation welcomes more than 4,000 unique visitors every year during events. Slot prefers to illustrate Yes!Delft Students’ history using start-ups rather than statistics. She runs us through successful companies such as  NightBalance, Swapfiets and KarTent. For Slot, joining the student branch of the high tech incubator was not a matter of course. “I was looking to gain experience before starting my master’s. This just came along.” Yes!Delft Students stimulates student entrepreneurship through events. “Ultimately, it is the students that move onto the ‘big’ Yes!Delft.”

Slot’s colleague Anthimis Verhoog listens, amused. “Once you enter the incubator, you never want to leave. It’s just like Google’s headquarters,” he says eagerly. As a member of the anniversary committee, Verhoog is partly responsible for the festivities around the 10th anniversary this week. “It will be a week of different activities, from sabering champagne to a 24 hour long hackathon.”

Wouter Robers will attempt the world record sabering champagne. (Photo: Yes!Delft)
16:30-21:30 @Beestenmarkt

In collaboration with the local bars, Yes!Delft Students will celebrate the start of its anniversary week on the Beestenmarkt. During the event that will be led by Frits Huffnagel – the man behind the IAmsterdam logo – there will be an attempt to break the world record in sabering champagne. “This attempt has its roots in an important Yes!Delft tradition. If you are celebrating something, you ring a bell in the central hall. You then stand on a crate, tell everyone your news and saber a bottle of champagne. Wouter Robers will attempt the world record. He has trained for a year and even works out with weights,” explains Verhoog.

Workshop Day
16:30-22:00 @Yes!Delft

During the Nyenrode workshop, you can learn useful skills for starting a business. “It’s an easy way to come into contact with Yes!Delft,” says Slot. Apart from a meal, attendees can join four workshops on branding, acquisition and scrum. Sign up for this day on Facebook.

Entrepreneurship Day Delft
16:30-22:00 @Aula TU Delft

The annual Entrepreneurship Day Delft starts with an exhibition of start-ups that have now grown into large companies. The day ends at a start-up playground. In between, there is a symposium where you can hear stories by entrepreneurs who are in various phases of their businesses. Examples will come from start-ups through to successful companies such as Swapfiets and Deliveroo.

Sleep with the Somnox sleeprobot during the hackathon. (Photo: Somnox)
15:00 | 24 uur lang @ Yes!Delft

Anyone who enjoys a challenge has come to the right place. This hackathon will have students poring over case studies from different companies for 24 hours. During the race, the organisation will encourage students with energy drinks (max. two!), yoga and a mini-cinema projecting series on a large screen. And if you get sleepy, you can take a nap in one of the KarTents accompanied by Somnox, the sleep robot that is apparently very popular among the Kardashians.

21:00-04:00 @ Lijm&Cultuur

The anniversary week will be closed with a festival that takes its inspiration from important entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Beyoncé and Elon Musk. The fact that Mechnificent celebrated a party at the same location (Lijm&Cultuur) the day before will not take the shine off the evening. “With performances by Yung Felix, The Boy Next Door and TU Delft’s favourite, Bas Nederkoorn, we have an even stronger line-up,” says Verhoog.

With the tagline ‘Start-up from the bottom, now we’re here’, this promises to be party that will make Drake jealous. Tickets cost EUR 12.29 and are available online.

News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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