Robotic Building in Paris exposition

The video ‘Scalable Porosity’ made by the Robotic Building group is part of the exposition ‘Mutations-Créations / Imprimer le monde’ in the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

The film shows how a robot builds up a porous 3D structure of ceramics in the TU Delft Robotic Building Lab at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (BK). The film highlights an exhibition room with 3D structures made by groups at MIT (Boston) and ETH (Zürich).

“The Delft 3D structure was already shown in Le Mans and Lille last year as part of the exposition called Synthetic,” said Dr. Henriette Bier, leader of the Robotic Building group. “Centre Pompidou in Paris has been particularly interested in presenting the process of how the structure was designed and robotically produced.”

Dr. Henriette Bier and PhD candidate Sina Mostafavi participated in an international symposium called ‘Les forms du digital’ three days after the opening on March 18, 2017.

Inaugural speech

Another outreach is the inaugural speech by Dr. Bier as a visiting professor at the Dessau Institute of Architecture on April 5t, 2017. Together with Mostafavi, she will introduce Design-to-Robotic-Production and -Operation methods developed at TU to DIA students. Eight students from Delft and fourteen from Dessau will attend the joint design studio in robotic production.

The Paris exposition focusses on 3D printing from the tiniest to the largest scale, including architecture. It shows how digital technologies have revolutionised design and production, and how it has transformed the work of architects, designers, and artists.

The exposition ‘Mutations-Créations / Imprimer le monde’ was opened on March 15 and will continue until June 19, 2017. It is located in Gallery 4 on the first floor of Centre Pompidou in the centre of Paris.