Rectors fear for lost generation

Rectors fear for lost generation

The rectors of Dutch universities fear that students will not flourish if teaching times are limited. They argue for more manoeuvre space for students. “Personal development is the basis of university education. We are worried that a generation of students will be lost if we don’t soon revive that crucial physical contact,” the rectors of 15 universities write on the news and opinion site ScienceGuide.

For the time being, universities and colleges of higher education can only start and end their lessons between 11:00 and 15:00 or after 20:00 so that students do not travel during rush hour. Classes may also start before 15:00 and end after 20:00. These times may be extended on 1 August, but the rectors fear it will not be enough. (HOP, Bas Belleman)

Editor Tomas van Dijk

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