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Theo van Ruijven wrote a PhD thesis entitled ‘Multidisciplinary Emergency Management: a comparative study of coordination and performance of on-scene command teams in virtual reality exercises’.

Afbeelding: Ella Nitters

Large parts of his study were conducted in Zeeland, involving the Westerschelde Tunnel. The sonnet is written by Bauke Steenhuisen.

How to study how an infrastructure

scrambles to its feet again when it

goes wrong, out of control, when it’s been hit

by chaos, catastrophe or sheer disrupture?

Make a game about an incident.

This allows to shoot the human factor

with a camera for every actor.

Watch when systems are resilient.

Behold! You’ll get a data sea to drown in,

nine full working weeks of evidence

to binge-watch, yawning, labelling and counting

all behaviours and their circumstance,

until, luctor et emergo, bouncing

back exposes its intelligence.

Bauke Steenhuisen (universiteit docent bij de faculteit TBM) en Jeroen Manders (zanger, acteur, tekstschrijver, componist en voormalig IO student) verdichtten tussen december 2014 en maart 2017 42 keer een Delftse afstudeerscriptie of proefschrift tot een sonnet. Illustraties waren van Ella Nitters.

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