PhD student wins two prizes

TU Delft PhD student Ties van der Heijden has won the Delfland Thesis Award. He received the prize worth two thousand euros for his master’s thesis Pumping when the wind blows; demand response in the Dutch Delta. Van der Heijden researched the use of sustainable energy at pumping stations. According to Delfland, that combination is a logical one: when the wind blows, a lot of sustainable energy is suddenly available, while it pays to run the pumping stations harder. The jury called the thesis ‘socially highly relevant’ and ‘easy to read’. Moreover, it offers practical solutions. Van der Heijden previously won the Royal Dutch Water Network Thesis Award. He is now doing doctoral research in the same field. (SB) 


Ties van der Heijden. (Foto: HHDelftland)

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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