Peeking inside student homes: Oostplein

How do students live in Delft? Delta takes a peek inside student houses. The international student house, Oostplein, is notorious for its amazing BBQs. At walking distance from TU Delft and the city centre, the rooms are pricey, but they come with a view and rooftop terrace.

From left to right: Anna, Aurora and Thomas. “We organise BBQs for around twenty to thirty friends about every other week.” (Photo: Elise Mooijman)

“Everyone knows this house by the name ‘Oostplein’,” says Aerospace Engineering student Thomas Billet (24) from France when asked if they have a ‘house name’ like most Dutch student houses do. “Our roommate Michael and I found this place five years ago through a rental agency. Whenever we have a room available it fills up very quickly.” The reasons for this is that it is still difficult for international students to find housing in Delft and the fact that Oostplein has a good reputation. Sustainable Energy student Anna Petrakos (23) from Greece: “I had heard about the parties here before I moved in! At first, I tried to find a house with Dutch students. All I got back from the many houses I messaged was that they were looking for a Dutch and/or bachelor student.”   

Meat, meat and more meat  
Parties at Oostplein usually involve a BBQ and tons of meat. “We organise BBQs for around 20 to 30 friends about every other week,” says Sustainable Energy student Aurora Saez (24) from Spain, while walking to the top floor. “We grill and relax here on our rooftop terrace and in Anna’s room, which you have to pass through to go outside.” Thomas adds that “The meat we buy is always of good quality. At the Makro superstore we buy 2.5 kilos of Argentinian rib eye or a whole chicken, like we are having tonight. Afterwards we send all the attendees a ‘Tikkie’. Usually it ends up being around six to eight euros a person.” According to the students, their BBQs are so good that they turn vegan Anna into a carnivore for the night. “Sometimes it smells so delicious, that I have to have a piece or two,” says the Greek student somewhat embarrassed.  


The student house is located right between TU Delft and the city centre. “The view from here is really nice,” comments Aurora, while showing her room. “You look right at the Oostpoort. I love sitting here and reading a book.” In a corner of the living room, several musical instruments hang on the wall. Thomas explains, “We play a lot of music. Michael plays the guitar, I play the saxophone, Anna the cajón and Aurora sings.” On the other side of the room is a windowsill full of plants. Aurora says that “Each one is named after a roommate. Whenever a new person comes in they have to add a seedling to the collection.”

  • Type of house: mixed
  • Residents: four
  • Associated society: none
  • Location: Oostplein
  • Room size: 8m2 – 15m2
  • Room rate: EUR 420 – 480

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