Peeking inside student homes: De Kreekrugridders

How do TU Delft students live? Delta takes a peek inside student houses. No alcohol today, go to bed early and watch your diet. Every day in ‘De Kreekrugridders’ student house they focus on training hard for the next rowing event. “Only after the oars are finally hung up to dry can they live it up a bit.”

From left to right: Sebastiaan, Liselotte, Bram and Nadine. (Photo: Chris Reichard)

“Kreekrug Castle is located on Kreekrugpad,” explains Sebastiaan van Didden (26), student of Mechanical Engineering. “We the residents are the Knights of Kreekrug: ‘De Kreekrugridders’,” adds Nadine (20), student of Civil Engineering. Hanging in the student-house kitchen are eight cupboards, one for each resident. Sebastiaan: “We keep our own breakfast stuff there. As competitive rowers, we have to watch what we eat, and we each have our individual diet (porridge, quark), which makes it difficult to buy in bulk.” All of the residents are either current or past members of the rowing club Proteus-Eretes. Nadine: “This is the first ever official Proteus student house.”


The student house is just a stone’s throw from the rowing club. “When I moved in here four years ago, six of the eight residents were in full training,” says Bram Renting (26), student of Computer Science. “Six to ten times a week. One of my housemates was even part of the Olympic team. That means running a tight ship here: no alcohol and going to bed early.” Sebastiaan: “They were actually the best summers. We were teetotallers the whole year. Only after the oars were finally hung up to dry could we live it up a bit. Two months of compensation. And then in September it all started again.” Currently two housemates are actively rowing. Liselotte (23), student of Aerospace Engineering: “By next year the house will have undergone a clean sweep, with three rooms becoming available in the next six months and five of the eight housemates leaving within a year.”

Own bathrooms
Residing in Tanthof has more benefits than just living close to Proteus: the rooms are spacious and the students have a whopper of a garden where they regularly barbecue. “These houses were once built for assisted living. And that’s why we all have our own bathroom and mini-kitchen,” says Bram, showing us upstairs. “And this is the penthouse. This ‘room’ is roughly fifty square metres in size. On this side, you have the bedroom and over there the dining room.” Liselotte: “There is even a balcony. We sometimes study here together or watch a film.” Rowing is an important part of home life for De Kreekrugridders. “However,” adds Nadine, “we also enjoy other things together, like Christmas dinners, stay-at-home weekends and Sing-Star evenings.”

  • Type of student house: mixed
  • Residents: eight
  • Student associations: D.S.R. Proteus-Eretes
  • Location: Kreekrugpad
  • Room size: 28 m2 – 50 m2
  • Room price: 340 – 525 euros

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