Parliament puts pressure on internationals bill

Parliament puts pressure on internationals bill



Education minister Dijkgraaf must come up with a bill before the summer to control the influx of international students. That is the opinion of a majority in the House of Representatives.


Ruling parties VVD and CDA had tabled a motion last week during the debate on the Education Budget, together with JA21, BBB and Pieter Omtzigt. They wanted to urge minister Dijkgraaf to urgently write a bill.


The minister did not intend to do so, he said in the debate last week. In February he wants to make proposals on internationalisation and later in the spring he will come up with a vision on the future of the entire education system. Without that vision, you can’t write a bill, can you?


The Lower House thinks otherwise, then. The VVD wants a letter from the minister before the end of next week on how he will implement the motion, MP Hatte van der Woude said on Tuesday during the votes.


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