Owee wristband lost? Then an interrogation

 OWee wristband lost? Then an interrogation



Positive breathalyzer test and not yet 18? Been cheeky to a guard? Plucked from a tree? Ended up drunk at the first aid? Or cut your wristband because it was too tight? It all doesn’t matter. You will come for an interview with the Owee organisation and Integral Security. Monday there were 4 such interviews, Tuesday 10, Wednesday 12 and Thursday 22. These are the little leaks in an otherwise watertight system to prevent misbehaviour, says OWee coordinator Alex Lokhorst.


(Photo: Jos Wassink)


Even the Cantus, traditionally an emotional highlight, was held in a highly controlled manner on Wednesday. Smaller cups, lower alcohol content, water pistols as a distraction for cup throwing and a snack before the Cantus started all contributed to keeping the atmosphere upbeat. Only two participants reported themselves dizzy from drinking at the first aid. International entrants were also welcome at the song fest and feasted their eyes.


Lokhorst looks back on the OWee with extreme satisfaction. The figures are yet to come, but it is his firm impression that the number of unwanted incidents during the induction week is a lot lower than when he took office eight years ago. One indication of this are compliments from residents’ associations that previously grossed in complaints. The key to the success? Intensive cooperation of the organisation with student associations, residents and security services with a view to prevention. And the few who do go wrong will be given a ‘parenting talk’. (JW)


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