OWee in pictures: singing, signing up and informing

Thousands of freshers are finding their way through student life at TU Delft. Delta is joining them all week, from singing to information market. This was the OWee on Monday.

Overview of the information market. (Photo: Roos van Tongeren)

Photo’s: Roos van Tongeren en Marjolein van der Veldt

After a Schiediner and a parade bathed in sunshine on Sunday, Monday morning was a sharp contrast in several ways. Under continuous drizzle, the freshers were pampered by many volunteers in the Mekelpark who handed out cups of muesli and fresh orange juice.


Not everyone got the chance to get plastered. Some student associations made themselves heard in the distance.


Catchy slogans such as ‘We will be the boss’ and ‘So where are those architects’ emerged from loudspeakers and well-oiled throats. Luckily for our ears, the new group of students still sounded a little awkward.


After a musical morning, we went to Delft’s middle point, the information market, on the Markt. For a change we did not catch the aroma of fish, but of beer and anxiety. After all, once the freshers take the brave decision to become a member of a student association, the next question is which one?

Anyone who thinks that members of student associations dressed up in club colours scared the life out of the freshers is wrong. The four registration laptops at D.S.R. Proteus-Eretes was running overtime and O.J.V. de Koornbeurs welcomed its first members on Monday afternoon, as all the rest.


The different associations showed, sometimes very loudly, their best sides and turned the event into a real spectacle. Brawn ruled at the Delftsche Studenten Bond as seen in the picture below of the young man who earned the title ‘the strongest man of the Markt’.


The board club DROP, far from the first aid post, surprised us. Wobbly freshers on a half pipe was asking for trouble.


Worried parents, or whoever wants to go crazy 24/7, could tune in to Radio Virgiel. The KSV Sanctus Virgilius entertains, informs and talks to students and freshers during the OWee. You can also request a song. When Delta tuned in on Monday evening at around 22:10, the radio station was not holding back in a Men’s Special report. It involved a stripper and a willing fresher. Let’s leave it at that..


The Delta promotion team was at the information market too of course. We had sustainable water bottles specially printed for the occasion. New students could win them in a quiz which tested their knowledge of Delft and TU Delft. In case you wanted to know, the Executive Board members are Harmen Siezen and Marja van Bijsterveldt. And Rob Mudde, but they knew him from the introduction speech.

The general knowledge of the freshers was clearly better as most of the contestants still read a newspaper, they said. Or they used the NOS app. We were okay with that, and from now on they will read Delta.


News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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