OWee in pictures: dive bombs and cooking with freshers

Thousands of freshers are finding their way through TU Delft student life. Delta is joining in all week, from lacrosse to stir-frying. This was OWee’s Wednesday and Thursday.

The TU Delft letters are a great success. (Photos: Roos van Tongeren and Marjolein van der Veldt)

Wednesday was dedicated to sports and culture. Did you know that alongside studying, you can join debates, play music and … do clay modelling? Below are some of the creations symbolising the current state of the average participant after five days of OWee. We identify mostly with the clay figure to the left.


See for yourself if you think these freshers have landed in the right place.


Just in case you have not yet visited the X sports centre, it is so big that every inch of space is taken by a different activity during the sports day. We gave lacrosse a go. Very unfortunately, we lost the photos …


These members of the DSZ Wave swimming club did not stay dry. Neither did our unsuspecting photographer. Dive bomb that pool!


Our international students quickly learned the highlights of Dutch culture today. From Broodje Leo to sjoelen. They are now singing at the top of their lungs to Dreetje Hazes.


It takes all kinds. One loves pop stars and this composter loves worms.


Each to his own. It was not our thing so we moved on to an arm wrestling competition at the IJzersterk powerlifting club.


A first time for the Thursday. Today was designated OWee’s ‘A new phase’ day. Students learned to repair tyres, cook or picked up information from police officers. The fire brigade was there too. The freshers learned how to find the exit in a smoke-filled room in a next level escape room.


The bicycle repair people from Team Alert build bicycles and showed Swapfietsless students how to repair a leaking tyre.


Our favourite TU Delft department – the catering department – organised a real live cook-off where freshers learned to cook a stir-fried meal in a wok in 15 minutes. They could win fabulous prizes too. Fortunately for us, the Wok & Roll food truck was only 50 metres away.


So now five wonderful days have passed. Many freshers will start their introduction period at their association this weekend and the fun will then be finished. For us at Delta too life goes back to normal on Monday. If you don’t want to miss any news, sign up for our weekly newsletter

News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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