OWee in pictures day 3: barbecue in a parking garage

Sleeping in a cardboard box and barbecuing in a car park. This OWee requires creativity and endurance. This was OWee Tuesday.

Future students who have no room can sleep in a one-person cardboard tent during this OWee. Environmentally friendly? Certainly. Humid? Also. (Photos: Daniël Korvemaker)

Delta photographer Daniël went to check out the cardboard-box camping at X, he saw partying students at rowing club Laga and recorded how the OWee-barcecue had to move to the Sports-parking garage because of the rain. This week you can find his daily OWee photo report on our website.

What do you as OWee board do when the rain keeps pouring and you want the future students to have their barbecue dry? Right, you arrange a parking garage. A drink is well deserved afterwards.

Two DJs are warming up the freshmen for a party or a drink later in the evening.  

But for many, it is a train ride home after the barbecue. After all, Tuesday 17 August is the last day for the first shift of OWee participants.

Finding your bike can be a challenge.

Those who stay in Delft can join Sensation Red at Laga. 

Like every year, the club can count on a lot of interest. Last year, for example, a drawing of lots had to be done.

At Outsite it is a bit more quiet when Daniël arrives, but that doesn’t spoil the fun. 

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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