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The trick to being smarter may well lie in understanding smartness itself. This November, you can do exactly that at the Train Your Brain workshop being held on campus. Organised by the TU Delft library, the day-long session is on November 23 2013 and will be conducted by Dutch company Brains4Profs.

Brains4Profs is an organisation that helps professionals understand how the brain works and processes information. The workshop on campus is specially designed for students and is part of the Brain series – ongoing thematic events organised by the TU Delft library.  

“If people can understand how they learn and memorise, it will help them work more efficiently in the long run,” explains Ed van Houtum brain trainer who will be conducting the workshop.

It is divided into three sections – mind mapping, information processing and study techniques and speed reading. While mind mapping introduces students to techniques to access additional parts of the brain and learn fast, information processing focuses on learning faster in a relaxed manner. “We will also look at techniques to double your reading speed in a short amount of time in the segment on speed reading,” adds Van Houtum.

The Brain initiative of the library began in 2011 and a number of activities were planned under the umbrella. “It started as a way for us to explore what was going on in brain research at TU Delft. The brain is such an important part of creativity and technical ability that we found a number of events worked into this theme,” explains Marion Vredeling, programme manager, TU Delft library.

Last year a summer exhibition of TU Delft patents was held to celebrate 100 years of inventions, and recently one of the speakers at the Human Library sessions spoke about his research into developmental tools for the brain. A number of talks and exhibitions celebrating genius have also been held as part of the project. “Celebrating the genius of people like the Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld is also a testimony to the power of the human brain,” adds Vredeling.

What: Train Your Brain workshop

Where: TU Delft Library

When: November 23 2013

Cost: €60 Registration: Click here.

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