OMT: ‘Wear a mouth mask at larger lectures’

OMT: ‘Wear a mouth mask at larger lectures’



When students and lecturers come back to campus, they should wear mouth masks when teaching in larger groups. That is the advice of the Outbreak Management Team. The number of infections is currently very high, writes the OMT in a letter to the Ministry of Health. And although fewer people are becoming seriously ill from the omicron variant, care is under great pressure.


That is why the OMT recommends extending the use of mouth masks in, for example, busy shopping streets and all public indoor areas to everyone over the age of 13. Teaching in larger groups” at universities and colleges is also covered by the advice.


Furthermore, the OMT advises to use only surgical mouth masks; the well-known white-blue disposable mouth caps.


Vulnerable persons are advised to wear a safer FFP-2 mask in “uncontrolled” situations, for example “where there is a lot of movement, where the one and a half metre limit cannot be maintained, where aerosols are formed by singing and shouting, and where there are doubts about ventilation in an indoor space”.


On 14 January, the government will take the OMT advice into account when deciding whether or not to extend the lockdown in higher education. The OMT will advise on this later.


HOP, Hein Cuppen


Editor Tomas van Dijk

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