NWO grants increased

NWO grants increased



Due to increased salaries and prices, science funding body NWO has increased the Veni and Vidi grants for top researchers. The change takes effect immediately and therefore already applies to application rounds currently running.


Science had been asking for higher research grants for some time. These were less and less cost-effective, especially since university salaries increased by 9 per cent in August. NWO recognised the problem and decided to make the grants “more cost-effective” with extra money from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


The Veni grant goes from a maximum of 280 thousand to 320 thousand euros and the Vidi grant from 800 thousand to 850 thousand euros. For the broader Vici grant, the increase is less urgent, according to NWO. There, the maximum amount remains at 1.5 million euros. (HOP, HC)


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