No time or money for open science

No time or money for open science


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Most researchers agree that it is important to make scientific data freely available to everyone. But in practice only half of them do so, research financier NWO reports on the basis of its own research.


More than one thousand researchers from NWO’s database filled in a questionnaire in September to give their opinion on open science: what do they think about it and what do they do with it?

Of all respondents 87 percent are (very) positive about open science, and young scientists even more so: 94 percent. Only 4 percent of researchers are (very) negative.


Lack of money

But it does not always happen. Many scientists regularly publish in open access (free readable articles), but sharing research data and involving the public in research is less common. In practice, more than half do so.


What are the obstacles? 71 per cent mention lack of money. Publishing in open access, for example, costs money (so that reading is free), but you do need to have that money. Between 40 and 50 per cent have no time for open science, or lack a good infrastructure and clear guidelines. (HOP, BB)


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