No relaunch for ME Faculty bar ‘t Lagerhuysch

The curtain falls for ME faculty bar ‘t Lagerhuysch, the bar’s management writes in an Instagram message. The bar had already only been for private parties since February 2023, but even those will no longer take place.

The bar at the Mechanical Engineering (ME) Faculty was supposed to fully reopen after a renovation in February 2023. This did not happen because ‘t Lagerhuysch was found not to have the proper alcohol license. The president of management told Delta at the time that they thought they were hitching a ride on the university’s permit. This was not the case.

‘Ugly bar with beautiful people’

In the Dutch message to their followers, the bar management states that the the reason for closing is ‘the policy of the management team’. What this means is unknown. One student involved let it be known that they are not yet ready to talk to Delta until ‘more is clear and everything is finalized’. Delta has also asked a ME Faculty representative for a response, but that has not yet come.

‘t Lagerhuysch has served as a Faculty bar for 32 years. Students from Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Engineering and Clinical Technology studies could have drinks in the bar every Wednesday afternoon. The bar management is disappointed and suggests on Instagram that the bar should be remembered as ‘that ugly bar with beautiful people where we all had wonderful moments’.

Addition 25-6-2024
After publication, a response by email from the ME faculty followed late Friday afternoon. In it, faculty secretary Gytha Coleman says that the ‘t Lagerhuysch foundation itself had made the decision to quit. They reportedly failed to find successors to the board.

She also writes that the management team (from the faculty) had just ‘given the green light for resumption in September of an alcohol-free Wednesday afternoon activity. “We sincerely regret that ‘t Lagerhuysch cannot and will not move in this direction and has chosen to dissolve”, Coleman concludes her e-mail to Delta.

Delta then submitted Coleman’s response to the students behind ‘t Lagerhuysch. Those let it be known that they will provide a response after exams.

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