‘No maximum interest rate on student debt’

‘No maximum interest rate on student debt’



Prime Minister Rutte thinks it is entirely reasonable that students in the Netherlands will soon again pay a ‘limited interest rate’ on their student debt. He is not keen on an interest ceiling for the time being.


Two political parties in the Senate are worried about the rising interest rate on study debts, it emerged during the General Political Considerations in the Senate. From January, that interest rate for new students and graduates is going to be 0.46 or 1.78 percent, ‘but with the current inflation rate and what is happening internationally, that could just become 10 percent’, senator Mei Li Vos told Prime Minister Rutte.


So is the government prepared to cap that interest rate? If interest rates become unreasonably high, ‘we will have to talk to each other about that again’, Rutte replied. “But again, if you change this, it will cost money.” Does the Prime Minister see any opportunities to further accommodate students who did not receive a basic grant, asked senator Niko Koffeman. “No, absolutely not”, Rutte firmly replied. “That whole social loan system was fine by me, from my personal perspective.” (HOP, HC)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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