No energy allowance for students in Rotterdam

No energy allowance for students in Rotterdam



A Rotterdam student lost a court case on appeal over the energy allowance from the municipality last week. The court ruled that the municipality may exempt students from the scheme. 


The student received student loans, a single-parent allowance, and some other allowances, but still could not make ends meet due to rising energy costs. Therefore, she should receive EUR 1,300 in energy allowance for social minima, she thought.


But the municipality of Rotterdam excludes students from this supplement. The woman went to court in June but was not vindicated then. She also lost the appeal last week.


The ruling by the Rotterdam District Court is remarkable. For months, students have been trying to qualify for the extra support, often winning their cases. A student from Utrecht, for instance, was ruled in favour in April. The municipality wrongly excluded students as a group, the Utrecht court ruled then. There was discrimination. (HOP, PvT)




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