New party enters Student Council

New party enters Student Council



Dé Partij will enter the Central Student Council with one seat. This is at the expense of Oras, which drops from six to five seats. Lijst Bèta remains at four seats. This is what the central election committee reports.


Oras also lost a seat last year, then to Lijst Bèta. Now a new competitor, Dé Partij, was able to take away a seat. For Oras, Maud Reinders, Matthijs van Teeffelen, Alexandra Schelling, Jelle Stap and Jozua Heule enter the council. For Lijst Bèta, they are Marlou Boerkamp, Sam de Jong, Per Schrijver and Albaraa Khalil. For Dé Partij, Koos Meesters will claim a seat.


Turnout in the elections was 30 per cent, slightly higher than in 2022 (29.8 per cent), meaning 7853 students cast their votes.


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Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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