New grant for long-term research

New grant for long-term research



Research financier NWO’s new Summit grant will provide financial security for research consortia that are among the world’s best for ten years. Six to seven projects stand a chance of winning 40 million euros in funding.


For the next ten years, a total budget of 188 million euros is available for the Summit grants, according to the NWO application page. Awarded research proposals will receive a budget between 15 and 40 million euros, depending on the size and need of their project.


Scaling up
Last July, education minister Dijkgraaf already announced that this new fellowship programme, which was still being developed at the time, “strengthens the position of Dutch science for the long term”.


All Dutch universities, research institutes and academic hospitals are allowed to participate. Each institution may submit up to two collaborations, which must consist of more than four researchers, until 20 June. Six to seven consortia will eventually be selected. (HOP, PvT)


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