New building for Applied Sciences

Construction of the new, state-of-the-art building of the Faculty of Applied Sciences is scheduled to begin in June 2014.

Located in the southern section of the TU Delft campus, the construction of the 30,000m2 building will be managed by Hurks-Kuijpers/ULC and laboratory specialist Waldner.

The building will provide workspace for more than 800 university students and 600 staff. Researchers in the fields of Chemical Technology, Biotechnology and Bionanotechnology will have access to high-tech laboratories, lecture rooms and offices. Labs for fermentation, chemistry and physics, including practicum rooms with fume cupboards, will also be included in the new facilities.

In order to meet the strict architectural and installation requirements for innovative research, the structure will incorporate low-vibration foundations to deter the disruption of sensitive experiments. Researchers will also be able to use low-vibration labs that feature stable, climate-controlled temperatures and high ventilation rates. Overall the building is designed to be highly flexible, multifunctional and human-centered.

“This new building involves huge investments, which can now be made thanks to the capital TU Delft has accrued over recent years,” said TU Delft President Dirk Jan van den Berg in a statement published on the TU Delft website. “This exceptional new-build is not a standalone project; it is the beginning of a real estate programme on a much larger scale, in which the entire campus will be reorganised to reflect the innovative research conducted at TU Delft.”

The new Faculty of Applied Sciences is due to open its doors in 2016.  

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