‘More money for education and research’

More money for education and research’



The Groen Links and PvdA opposition political parties want to set aside more money for education, research and innovation. They state this in the ‘progressive agreement’ that they presented on 6 December.


The two left-wing parties are working ever more closely together, almost as one. Together, they have 17 seats in the Lower House of Parliament, as many as the opposition PVV party. Only the ruling VVD and D66 parties have a larger representation.


The two parties strive for a green circular economy with knowledge and innovation and want to spend 3 percent of the gross national product on science, research and innovation. This is in line with the recommendations of the National Science Foundation (NWO). Currently, the Netherlands spends 2 per cent on science and innovation.


In their ‘progressive agreement’ GroenLinks and PvdA have chosen fifteen issues that they consider most important in the coming years, should the Cabinet led by VVD Prime Minister Mark Rutte make a new start. (HOP, Bas Belleman)


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