More first-year bachelors expected


More first-year students expected


The Bachelor’s programmes of universities continue to grow, while the hbo (universities of applied sciences) will probably face a decline. This is apparent from the provisional enrolment figures for higher education. Meanwhile, 105 thousand prospective students have registered for Bachelor’s programmes. That is 4.7 percent more than at this time last year.


However, registrations are not the same as real registrations. Last year, only 63 thousand of the 100 thousand applicants started. Sometimes universities count a little more pre-registrations and still get a little less first-year students. But the figures give an idea of the trend. The growth rate of 4.7 per cent indicates that enrolment is not going to decline significantly.


Earlier this week, however, wo-master’s programmes were found to be down 10%, but these pre-registrations are less reliable. It may have something to do with postponed deadlines. (HOP, BB)


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