Million-dollar deal with Elsevier on open science

Million-dollar deal with Elsevier on open science

Dutch universities and research institutes have reached an agreement with scientific publisher Elsevier on open access to publications and open science. Dutch researchers can now publish in open access in 95 percent of the Elsevier titles. Their articles will then be freely accessible to everyone, including interested outsiders. The agreement is valid up to and including the year 2024. The agreement amounts to more than 80 million euros. The Netherlands wants all publicly funded research to be accessible to anyone free of charge. This is also the aim of the European Union. Scientific publishers such as Elsevier have long resisted: they make money with subscriptions. Now, their revenue model has been reversed: you don’t pay to read, you pay to publish. So instead of subscription fees, the publisher receives publication fees, while many more people get access. (HOP, Bas Belleman)

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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