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If you’re a TU Delft employee under the age of 36, you’re already a member of YoungDelft, the network for young employees.

The organization was started nearly ten years ago initially as an association for Dutch support staff but quickly grew to include international and academic staff as well. “We wanted to create a place for more exchange between faculties,” says Brenda Hooiveld, a former board member.

However, members soon wanted an opportunity to interact with the academic staff as well, opening the door to the international employees. Now all the groups are well represented. The current board is split 50/50 between international and Dutch and also 50/50 between support and academic staff. “We warmly welcome all nationalities,” says Eveline Vreede, the organisation’s chair.

On its website, the group bills itself as “a platform that enables you to grow your network, develop your skills and learn about TU Delft.” It focuses on a four point compass: Networking, Exploration, Skills and Members.

The group organises a variety of events, including a monthly borrel. The Cool Colleagues’ Café is held on the last Wednesday of everything month, beginning at 17:00. It gives colleagues the opportunity to network and meet employees from all over campus. “There’s a big difference between academic and support staff,” says Natalie Carr, a board member and PhD candidate. “We can really learn a lot from each other.”

The group offers trainings and professional development workshops. Last year they hosted a speed dating evening where members were given the opportunity to meet TU Delft’s executive board. They also organise social and sporting events.

If you’re interested in learning more about YoungDelft you can visit their website: or follow them on Facebooke: and Twitter:

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