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The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) Delft is one of 93 Local BEST Groups spanning 32 countries across Europe. The organization is dedicated to “creating a growing, well-organized, powerful, young and innovative student network.”

“BEST Delft is here to support students who want to become international minded, to improve their soft skills, to learn to work in multicultural environments and, specially, to enjoy, have fun and experience the diversity of our network,” explains Jonathan Ramirez, VP for External Relations.

BEST organizes a variety of events including courses, engineering competitions, seminars, and leisure events. Events are organized both locally and internationally and local events can be attended by all TU Delft students, but international events are for members only.

Courses are one to two weeks long and cover topics such as robot programming, management or even pasta making. Lectures and practical sessions are given by university teaching staff or experts from companies. There are also cultural activities, weekend trips, fun activities and parties to partake in during the course. Courses must be applied for in advance. Applications for winter events are closed but, the next round of events for the spring season have just been announced. The costs are low, 4 euros per day or a maximum of 45 euros.

Beyond courses, BEST organizes study trips. Currently, they are organizing a trip to Poland, Ukraine and Sweden. Smaller trips are also on the agenda to visit companies, job fairs and conferences. “BEST enables you to travel and make friends around Europe in so many different ways,” said Ramirez.

You can get more information from their local website: or the main website for the group:

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