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With an increasing demand for highly skilled workers in China, Chinese students have flocked to the TU Delft for their graduate educations. While here, they can find their second family within the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in the Netherlands (ACSSNL-Delft).

“We are trying to create a Chinese community here, actually, we are, as a big ‘family’,” admits Chairperson Tianqi Li. The Delft branch is the first Chinese student association in the Netherlands. Founded in the late 1980s, it later spread throughout the Netherlands and has branches at many of the universities across the country. “The main objective is to represent the Chinese students’ voices effectively and develop activities and a platform for Chinese students and scholars here supporting their academic wellbeing and enriching their social lives,” goes on Li, who is also the vice-president of the mother association. The association is open to Chinese students at all levels, researchers, visiting scholars and professors.

China has been rapidly developing economically and technologically in recent years. There is a huge demand in the labour market for qualified professional and engineers, making TU Delft a perfect place to come to study. “TU Delft’s leading role, reputation, high rank and quality of its’ education and research, especially in cutting edge technology, draw more and more good Chinese students to come,” explains Li.

The ACSSNL-Delft organises several events throughout the year for its members and also some that are open to the public. The calendar includes festivals, welcoming information meetings, career events, academic job fairs, outings and even speed dating. For those students wanting to return to China and are in search of jobs in universities there, ACSSNL-Delft can connect with Chinese University Delegation groups.

This very active group is eager to help its members in any way possible. “The value of unity and family is essentially cherished by every Chinese. We will help each other as we do for our family,” explains Li.

You can find ACSSNL-Delft on Facebook or on their website,

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