Mandatory behavioural training for students

Mandatory behavioural training for students



In the fight against transgressive behaviour, Maastricht University wants to require all new bachelor students to undergo training starting next academic year. Executive Board president Rianne Letschert announced this intention this week during the Maastricht University Council meeting, reports (in Dutch) university magazine Observant. It is not yet clear whether the training sessions will only cover sexual misconduct or social safety in general. Nor by whom they will be given.


Over a year ago, Maastricht University signed an Amnesty International manifesto. It was going to do more against sexual misconduct. But discussions held with student group Feminists of Maastricht (FoM) and concerned staff members also contributed to the new plan, Letschert said at the council meeting.


FoM accused the university administration of sustaining a “rape culture” last October on social media and during a protest. A victim of sexual violence reportedly appealed in vain to the university for help, according to FoM. Letschert hopes to start mandatory training at the beginning of the new academic year, Observant noted. If necessary, only with an information session on where students can go inside and outside the university. (HOP, HC)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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