Library’s own climate problem

Library’s own climate problem


Plastic foil shield the monitors from dripping water. (Photo: Jos Wassink)



Last week’s heat led to the closure of the Glass Room and the Blue Room of the TU Delft Library on Sunday. Building management explains: ‘Due to the heat of the past few days, condensation has formed on the cooling pipes in the ceiling in the Glass Room of the Library. This has caused the ceiling tiles to become slightly wet. Due to safety concerns for staff and students, the room has been closed so that we can shut down the electricity and lighting and work on a solution.’


Now that the outside temperature has dropped, there will be less condensation, but this has not yet removed the moisture from the ceiling tiles. Therefore, it is also not yet possible to say when the hall will reopen, says Ria Hueber, communications advisor at building manager CREFM.


Science editor Jos Wassink

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