Library lends out clothes

The swap rack is part of the exhibition on sustainable fashion that opened on Monday, December 5, 2016. Donating and lending clothes are one way of making fashion more sustainable.

The exhibition Rhapsody of Ideas for Sustainable Fashion accompanies the PhD thesis Making Fashion Sustainable / The Role of Designers by Dr. Natascha van der Velden (Faculty of Industrial Design and Engineering).

The exhibition revolves around the question: What can/must designers do to make people feel comfortable/good in their clothing.

In the exhibition, this quest for sustainable clothing has been translated into aspects of the life cycle analyses such as: choice of material, reduce materials, production technique, distribution and transport, the impact of use, durability, end of life, and alternative functions.

The opening of the exhibition was sandwiched in-between Dr. Van der Velden’s PhD defence with her supervisor Professor Han Brezet (emeritus of IO Faculty) and a mini-symposium on Sustainable Fashion with speakers from Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands.

Other Phd’s who think their thesis presentation could go together with an exibition can contact Marion Vredeling, programma manager of the Library:

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