[Letter] Not separating plastic cutlery is archaic

Kristina Reinders and Lenie Wasmus are ‘shocked about the use of plastic cutlery’ in TU Delft canteens.

Although separating waste is possible in the Aula canteen, the system is not used.

This week, the new caterer, Cormet, started operating the canteens at TU Delft. The display of food, drink and sweets is modern, colourful and appetising. However, at Civil Engineering, we were really shocked at the use of plastic cutlery. Even more so, the cutlery is of such a bad quality that you cannot cut fruit with the knives, and the forks break when eating kroketten. After lunch, there is no option but to throw all your waste in one bin. Everything goes in together: the cardboard plates, the plastic cutlery, the milk containers, and the left overs. Where is TU Delft’s environmental awareness? Plastic cutlery and not separating garbage are archaic! Hasn’t TU Delft noticed that the European Union recently proposed new rules to ban single-use plastic products?

Kristina Reinders and Lenie Wasmus, employees at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

This is the response of TU Delft (in Dutch)

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