[Letter] How the MOT Programme is choosing to deal with the crisis

Master student Shreya Raghunath wonders why different faculties followed different policies in relation to exams in the current Covid-19 situation. She wrote this letter.

The campus is empty, also during the exams period. (Photo: Marjolein van der Veldt)

As a Management of Technology master’s student, I value the efforts being made by academicians to deal with the current Covid-19 situation. For us, the first few classes of Technology Dynamics were all about stakeholder analysis and how important it is to take into account the viewpoints and values of different stakeholders before taking decisions. However, this was not put into practice. I didn’t understand why we, as a comparatively small programme, could not have either a proctored exam/online exam given that every other faculty had done so, or even an assignment-based evaluation.

But those of us hailing from non-EU countries can all agree that the regulations are not that flexible. To add to our woes, the Migration Policy Act states that we need 30 ECTS before the end of August 2020. I am sure the lack of clarity during these uncertain times is making us all uncomfortable. This could also mean that we might have to forego multiple opportunities like internships, bear the extra study load and drop summer course plans.

To seek explanations, I approached our Director with these queries. You might be surprised to know that there are certain legal grounds that do not allow deviation from the study guide and tests/assignments could lead to fraud. We seem to follow different exam policies compared to other faculties and this was the reason for the rescheduling. I would have appreciated the system more if we had been informed about this situation prior to the postponement, and if we had been involved in the decision making through a questionnaire or survey. Let us hope that we do have a better platform soon or an alternative means that is both convenient and secure. This experience will surely be a unique story to tell in the future!

Shreya Raghunath is a first-year master student Management of Technology.

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