Leiden professor ‘never again welcome’

Leiden professor ‘never again welcome’



A professor who has been guilty of inappropriate behaviour is banned from Leiden University. Who it concerns is unknown. The professor had seriously misbehaved towards his colleagues over a prolonged period, reports the university. This was said to be the outcome of an investigation by an independent committee into colleagues’ complaints. During the investigation, the professor had already been suspended.


On Tuesday 18 October, based on the committee’s advice, it was decided that the professor would not be allowed to return to university, would no longer be allowed to supervise PhD candidates and would not be allowed to use facilities provided to professors and emeritus professors. This does not formally resignate the professor as he is still allowed to conduct research. 


The board is shocked at the complaints. “He will never ever be welcome at this university again”, Executive Board Chairman Annetje Ottow exclaims in university magazine Mare. According to her, the professor has been guilty of ‘systematic slander, abuse of power, gender discrimination, belittling in public and the constant threat of damaging the complainants’ careers’. (HOP, PvT)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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