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Have you ever imagined jumping out of a plane by yourself and feeling the rush of air as you soar towards the ground? And did you know that to learn how to skydive, you don’t necessarily need to start by doing a tandem jump? If that piques your interest then you will be happy to hear that Parachutisten Centrum Midden Nederland (Central Netherlands Skydiving Centre) is offering a special course for TU Delft students in static-line skydiving.


The course will include extensive basic training with both theory and practical sessions. It concludes with written and practical tests that fully prepare you to begin skydiving by yourself from the very start.The theory portion of the course will take place Friday, May 24th at 18:00 at the Sports & Culture facility. The practical portion of the course will take place on Saturday, May 25th at the skydiving centre in Hilversum.

The topics covered in the course will include among other things how a parachute works, how to jump out of an aircraft, how to steer and fly with your parachute, and how to make a safe landing. According to the course organizers, “Safety is paramount. Skydiving is not a dangerous sport, but it does involve some risks. These risks are acceptable, providing that you abide by the agreed rules.”

Once you have passed the basic training, together with an instructor, you will fly up to a height of 3,500 ft. (over 1 km) in an aircraft. When the instructor gives the signal, you will jump out of the aircraft. You remain connected to the aircraft by a static line and after you have fallen a few metres, this static line will automatically open the parachute. After about three seconds, you will be hanging beneath an open parachute and you can enjoy the ride down to the landing field.

You can register for this course through Sports & Culture. The total cost of the course is €360 and split payments are possible. This includes the course itself, five skydives (including the use of equipment), additional third-party liability insurance and compulsory prospective membership of the KNVvL (Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association). You will also be a member of PCMN for the rest of the current year. For more information, contact Sports & Culture by e-mail at sport-sc@tudelft.nlor by phone at 015-2782442.

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