KonneKt launches Kickstarter campaign to help isolated children

TU Delft graduate Job Jansweijer has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for his award-winning design concept KonneKt.

In order to promote the social development of isolated children in cancer wards, Jansweijer designed a modular game that could be played on glass doors or windows of isolation rooms, bringing patients in contact with other children in the hospital. Originally an IDE graduation project, Jansweijer plans to make KonneKt available to hospitals worldwide, provided it secures the necessary funding.

“If the [crowdfunding] campaign succeeds, 100 KonneKt games will be donated to 100 hospitals,” Jansweijer says. “The funding will be invested in things such as molds, materials, production, setting up a foundation for KonneKt and toy safety testing.” A growing number of hospitals through-out Europe and Southeast Asia have already expressed their interest in the game, but will have to wait until it goes into production. To do so, the crowdfunding campaign must raise at least €30,000 worth of investment.

At the time of this writing, the campaign has raised more than €6,300, donated by 138 people. With less than three weeks to go, Jansweijer is hoping for a snowball effect, whereby more and more people will contribute to the cause. “Crowdfunding is a way to involve people worldwide into making KonneKt a reality,” Jansweijer says. “Everybody I speak to about

KonneKt is enthusiastic and thinks KonneKt should be made, and many people want to help. With crowdfunding, all these people can contribute a little to make KonneKt happen.”

Officially, the Kickstarter campaign ends on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 22:25. Supporters can pledge a minimum of €1 towards the project via the Kickstarter website.

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