​Klockon hits milestone with 500th event

Launched on October 1, 2014 by a group of TU Delft students, Klockon is a website designed for finding and posting details of events in and around Delft.

The idea was formed during a brainstorming session of five students working on the personal leadership module of TU Delft’s Bachelor Honours Programme, and the idea won the Leadership Award 2012-2013. The aim was to provide a clear overview of events that are interesting to students, as an alternative to the flyers and posters chaotically hung around campus. “People were really enthusiastic, so we thought there’s something to it. After the course we ditched what we had, and we redesigned the site from the ground up, and that’s Klockon,” said Alex de Ronde, Klockon team member.

You can currently look for events by date or title, or use the Upcoming function and then filter by price or genre. “The site is in English, we made it that way for the international students,” de Ronde said. Posting and searching for events is free.

For extras, you can create an account. “You don’t need to, but it’s a lot better, you can track an event and modify it. If you register you can also, for example, search on distance,” explained De Ronde.

The Klockon team have been working on some new features. “We’re going to redesign the way you upload stuff, so it will be easier, especially if you do a lot of events. The event holder will be able to see how many people are looking at their event and pages. We’re also going to have an ‘I’m coming’ button so that will also help them,” said De Ronde. “We want to create more interaction with the site, so more filters and maybe some better ones also. Some more tricks to make it more user friendly, lively and fun, that’s what we’re working on now,” he added.

They also plan to expand beyond the calendar market. “We’re going to add private events, for closed groups, so you can arrange a birthday party or something, invite people by email address, and if they have an account they can see it on their list but others can’t,” he said. Subject to how their tests go, the team plan to launch a new version of the site in 2015.

The team’s future plans don’t end there. “We also want to expand to new cities. We want to go to Utrecht, Leiden and Rotterdam first, and then expand further,” said De Ronde.

See the website for more information, or watch the promotional video featuring Timo the sheep. 

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