KLM World Deal Weeks

Royal Dutch Airline KLM offers discounted international flights biannually. The winter sale has just been launched with deals that cannot be missed.

Twice per year, KLM runs a promotional sale to more than 100 destinations. The sales usually run in January and September. Announcements about the sale are sent out over KLM’s mailing list. If you have been waiting to do some traveling, now would be a good time to check for fares and availability.

The destinations are all over the world. The website divides flights up to those flown into the Carribean, North America, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Although, for short hauls within Europe, fares are not as low as some of the budget airlines can be, but one can argue that it is better value if you like to travel with KLM. The deeply discounted fares are for those flights overseas or long distances. “We’ve gotten return flights home to Calgary, Canada as low as 500 euros. Probably 40% off the regular fare,” says TU Delft Ph.D. candidates Arne Dankers.

The sale lasts from January 8 until the 27 and prices rise slightly through the allotted time. It’s best to buy early so that you get the dates and price that suits you. The sale is for flights between January 8th and June 30. Of course there are date restrictions and not all locations are included, but if your home country happens to be on the list, you may be in luck.

“My first year here I found a deal for 600 euros, but I had to fly through Texas to get to Calgary. That’s a terrible trip. After finding out about World Deal Weeks, I can get home direct for even less.” says Dankers. If you are flexible, as most students can be, you can plan your vacation around the offers available.

Like it says in their official title, KLM is a Dutch airline. Therefore, World Deal Weeks are only available on flights leaving from Amsterdam. Get on to find a flight to an adventure, a getaway, a city trip or a visit home.


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