Kinetic artist exhibits at Icke’s home

Kinetic artist exhibits at Icke’s home



Inventor, TU Delft lecturer and artist Dr Volkert van der Wijk will exhibit eight moving sculptures as part of the Kunstroute Leiden next week 23 and 24 September.


His work is housed in the Alien Artgallery, also the home of artist Charlotte Icke and emiritus professor of astronomy Vincent Icke, at Vlietweg 16 in Leiden. Van der Wijk will be there Saturday and Sunday between 12pm and 6pm.



An example of recent work is ‘No Time – Composition with 2 parallelograms’, a balanced little mechanism made of stainless steel that can be moved to different positions by hand and, because of its balance, remains balanced in each position. The background is a round disc of 40 cm diameter that allows it to hang on the wall.



Science editor Jos Wassink

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